How to tell if a golf ball is hard or soft?

How to tell if a golf ball is hard or soft?

Most golfers would hit the ball with their club and determine if the ball is hard or soft. Doing so helps players decide whether or not they want to play with that ball. A ball with a soft cover will feel softer when pressed with the fingers. Moreover, a ball with a soft core and hard cover will feel softer when driven with the club.

What is a soft golf ball?

Soft golf balls have a lower compression that helps achieve softness in them as compared to a hard golf ball. The lower compression causes a changed behavior upon hitting, requiring additional force to hit the ball. This article has everything related to soft golf balls as a beginner. It covers advanced details, so please follow it until the end.

What is the best golf ball compression for your swing speed?

If your swing speed is under 85 MPH, there are plenty of golf balls with compression ratings as low as the 35 that will help you compress it plenty and launch it as far as possible. The construction of a golf ball has a big impact on its performance. Two-piece golf balls are best for distance, especially among slower swing speed players.

Are supersoft golf balls any good?

When it comes to performance, Supersoft is known for churning out great distance, a straight ball flight, it’s easy to launch, it has superb soft feel, and at $25 a dozen, it’s a great value. That’s exactly why we put it on our “Best Golf Ball” lists for value, beginners, slicers, and women, in addition to soft feel.