How to recover from hernia surgery?

How to recover from hernia surgery?

Hernia Surgery Recovery Timeline. Days 1 to 4. Patients should not return to work or school during this time. Patients should only perform necessary daily functions, such as walking around the house. Days 4 to 7 (50% of normal capacity) Most patients can return to work or school by day 4.

How long after hernia surgery can you play golf?

· The only other advice I can offer is you have to have a smooth swing to play golf soon after a hernia operation, if you’re twisting and correcting in your swing you could damage the repair which means another operation. I’d say you have to take it easy for 1 month for Key Hole and 6 weeks for Open surgery. More › See more result ›› 71 Visit site

What should I expect after hernia surgery?

You should also call your surgeon if any of the following occurs:feverchillsredness and swelling at the incision sitebleeding incisionpain that increases over timeworsening nauseadifficulty urinatinginability to take in liquids

Is surgery the best way to cure a hernia?

Surgery is the only definitive way to treat a hernia. Depending on whether they develop in the upper abdomen or groin, hernias may be broadly divided into two main groups, and each group contains multiple types: