How to pack your golf clubs for a long trip?

How to pack your golf clubs for a long trip?

Use your phone to take a few pictures of your clubs before you pack them up. This will serve as proof of what was in the bag should it get lost or stolen. Whether you use a hard or soft travel case, how you pack your clubs will make a big difference in the abuse they take. Here’s my step by step plan: Step One: Choose a golf bag without legs.

Do airlines cover damaged golf clubs?

The airlines will only cover damaged clubs if you’re using a hard case. I have both, and I do prefer my hard case, but I only use it if I know I will have a minivan or SUV to drive at my destination.

Can You Fly with golf clubs without a travel bag?

Flying with golf clubs without a travel bag is definitely an option as long as you prepare accordingly. 1. Cost 2. Convenience 3. No Storage 4. Space Savings 5. Saves Weight 1. Club Damage 2. Bag Damage 3. Security 4. Cover How can I setup my golf bag to travel on a plane? 1. Fill The Pockets 2. Tape Your Longest Iron to Your Driver 3.

How much luggage do you need for a golf trip?

Most airlines allow at least 40 lbs or 50 lbs of weight for over sized luggage. A typical bag and full set of clubs would be about 22 lbs leaving you with the ability to add more stuff for your epic trip. 1. Club Damage Using only a regular golf bag provides less padding or even a hard shell to protect your golf clubs.