How to keep your golf bag from dropping head first?

How to keep your golf bag from dropping head first?

As long as it extends past your longest club or shaft, it will do the job of absorbing the impact if your bag is dropped head first. Step Four: Take the socks that you’re going to wear on the trip and use them to cover your irons and wedges. Then, weave your golf towel through your clubs to minimize movement.

How do you pack your golf clubs when you travel?

I use a beach towel and wrap the top section of my longer clubs (the parts that stick out of my golf bag), so they fit snug in my travel bag. You could also strategically place your shoes or clothes here just as well. The less empty space inside the bag, the more protected your clubs will be.

How do you store adjustable clubs in a golf bag?

The reason for this is simple: even in a hard case, a bag’s legs are very easy to break. I lost a great stand bag that way. Step Two: Take the heads off all adjustable clubs. Put the heads in their headcovers and store them inside your golf bag or in another piece of luggage. Make notes or take pics of how the clubs get put back together.

What clubs should I put in my golf bag?

The bag is angling in a way that causes the clubs to sit on top of one another. Because of this there will be times where the clubs at the bottom of the bag are going to be harder to get out than the clubs at the top of the bag. With this in mind we will want to put the two clubs that are used most often in the round – your driver and putter.