How to hit a golf ball from the center of stance?

How to hit a golf ball from the center of stance?

The goal is to feel the clubhead working down and hitting the ground where the ball would be; in front of the center of your stance. After you get the feel for leading with the hands and hitting the ground, add a golf ball and hit some shots.

Why do I hit a golf ball behind the ball?

Another problem that causes some golfers to hit behind the ball is that they decelerate or slow their swing down. When hitting a golf ball, you will always want to be accelerating through the impact position. If you can learn to accelerate, you will end up with much more clubhead speed and a higher chance of hitting the golf ball far.

Why do I hit it fat in the golf swing?

Here are 3 reasons and fixes for why you hit it fat: Staying centered during the swing is a big issue for a lot of golfers. If your weight moves laterally (away from the target) on the backswing, the center of your swing moves. The problem with this is that the golf ball does not move with you.

What causes a Toped golf shot?

Failing to position the ball properly in your stance can also lead to challenges that result in topping the shot. For instance, if the ball is too far forward or back in your stance, the arc of your swing will be off, resulting in a topped golf shot.