How to get rid of chicken wings on a golf ball?

How to get rid of chicken wings on a golf ball?

Place a head cover or other obstacle outside and behind the golf ball so it will force you to swing more from the inside to avoid the obstacle. Now that your downswing is better, you can eliminate the chicken wing. The best drill for eliminating the chicken wing is to put a glove or head cover under your left arm and keep it there while you swing.

Why do some golfers have chicken wing grips?

The grip is too strong This is an interesting cause for the chicken wing. I say that because there are players who can get away with a slight chicken wing and still play well. Have a look at Jordan Spieth’s swing.

How to learn the chicken wing on the golf range?

Using drills during practice is a good way to teach yourself a new skill. With regard to the chicken wing, you can perform the simple drill we’ve outlined below to help yourself get into better habits. At the range – or in another safe area to make a few swings – take your stance with any one of your full-swing clubs.

What is a chicken wing swing in golf?

For a right-handed golfer, a chicken wing swing issue is going to involve the position of the left arm just after impact. When a golf swing is working properly, the left arm will stay in close to the body as the player turns through the shot and heads for the finish.