How to get more loft on golf drives?

How to get more loft on golf drives?

How to Get More Loft on Golf Drives Step 1. Place the ball just off of your front foot in the front of your stance (left foot for right-handed players). Step 2. Tee the ball as high as you comfortably can. The legal limit for tee length is 4 inches. Step 3. Hinge your wrists as soon as you take the …

How can I add more loft to my tee shots?

But you can add more loft to your tee shots using a number of positioning, body movement and swing techniques. Adding loft will allow you to carry your shot with the wind, clear higher obstacles and land the ball more softly on quick fairways.

How much does loft matter on a golf club?

Every degree that the shaft leans toward the target reduces the loft by the same amount. In other words, if the loft on the club is 42 degrees and the shaft is leaning 10 degrees toward the target at impact, the effective loft at impact is 32 degrees.

How do you loft a golf ball higher?

You want to loft the ball higher than usual. To add loft to your shots, play the ball forward of the center of your stance and make sure to set your weight back more than usual. Your head and sternum should feel like they are behind the ball at impact as you catch the ball more on the upswing. Swing through to a high finish.