How to fix a backfiring Yamaha G2 golf cart?

How to fix a backfiring Yamaha G2 golf cart?

You can try out the following to fix a backfiring Yamaha G2 golf cart. Do a re-jetting if the airbox is gutted inside. The gutting is likely because the original jetting is incorrect and the airbox isn’t sealed completely.

Do golf carts have accelerator cables?

Some golf carts may not have accelerator cables but instead will have a series of rods between the gas pedal and the carburetor. The last rod in the series will usually need to be adjusted in length to allow the carburetor throttle plate to close fully.

Why is my golf cart backfiring?

Golf cart backfiring is a result of the throttle plate not being fully closed when the microswitch engages the ignition, in most cases. When the throttle cable is out of adjustment, the throttle plate never completely closes, allowing unburned gasoline to accumulate in the exhaust system before the spark plug fires.

How to fix a backfiring EZGO marathon golf cart?

Tighten the muffler if it has become loose. The following are some ways to fix a backfiring EZGO Marathon golf cart. Open the air/fuel adjustment screw by an extra 1/4 turn or a little more. Loosen the idle adjustment screw of the throttle plate to the maximum extent possible.