How to arrange golf clubs in a cart bag?

How to arrange golf clubs in a cart bag?

I start on the back side of the golf bag, where the shoulder strap is. But this will depend on the type of bag you have of course. Put your woods in first. From right to left or left to right, put your longest irons in. Next goes the wedges. Now the putter. That’s how to arrange golf clubs in a cart bag.

How to put a stand bag on a pull cart?

Lay the stand bag sideways to keep the legs from hitting the pull cart’s surface. If the pull cart has an adjustable space along the middle part, it can hold the legs just fine even when the straps are tightened and the bag isn’t placed sideways. When tightening the straps, make sure to wrap around the legs carefully to keep them from moving.

How to set up your golf bag?

First of all, there’s no one way to set up your golf. Generally, golfers will arrange golf clubs in their bags that fits their own needs. The way I see it, if you can grab the club that you want within one or two seconds, that’s perfect. You are allowed fourteen clubs in the bag, none of the clubs are the exact same length.

Where do you put the woods in a golf bag?

Place the woods in the upper or top compartment of the golf bag. If your bag is not compartmentalized, then place the woods in the top third of the bag. For most golfers, this will include a driver, 3-wood and either a 5-wood or hybrid clubs, depending on your club preference.