How old do you have to be to take golf lessons?

How old do you have to be to take golf lessons?

In addition, children are learning at school, and their attention spans will be more capable of lasting through a golf lesson. Though most golf instructors require children to be at least five years old to start lessons, children can progress and develop at different rates.

Is golf safe for kids to play?

One school of thought is a child needs to be at a good level of maturity to play the game. Due to the equipment involved in the sport, golf can be dangerous for those who are not mature enough to play the sport. A child getting hit with a golf club or hitting someone is a real possibility.

How to teach kids to play golf?

How to Teach Golf to Kids 1 Teaching kids how to putt is a good place to start. … 2 Once you have completed the short putts move, move to longer uses. Using thin string or chalk, make a circle around the cup, about a 3-foot radius. 3 Leave the circles from Step 2 around the cup and move off the green to start chipping. … More items…

How old was Tiger Woods when he started learning golf?

Sure, Tiger Woods was just two years old when he appeared on the Michael Douglas Show in 1978. Woods was a prodigy when it came to golf, but not all children can be at the same level within three years of being born. What Age Should Kids Start Learning Golf? Parents can typically enter their children into formal golf lessons at five years old.