How much should a beer cost at the PGA Championship?

How much should a beer cost at the PGA Championship?

They are charging $18 FOR A SINGLE BEER at the PGA Championship this weekend. That’s like a 1000% mark up at least. Prices at the @PGAChampionship are out of control!! This isn’t fair to the fans. $18 for a beers!! @PGA you know this is wrong!! @MichelobULTRA do something to make it up to the fans that have to pay that insane price.

Is the food at the PGA Championship price gouging?

Most of the prices, though, are in line with fans see these days at other major sporting events. The PGA Championship food menu has seen some changes over the years, but most of the items on the menu are pretty standard. There is a feeling among some fans that this is price gouging.

How much is a Margarita at the 2019 PGA Championship?

It’s $13. A cocktail — including Margaritas, Mules and a Jim Beam Black Ginger Highball — is a cool $19. Golf fans everywhere were freaking out about this and even a pro — Justin Thomas — weighed in on social media about these prices: Look at these prices! Ahhhhh okay @PGAChampionship.

How much is Aquafina Water at the PGA Championship?

Bottles of Aquafina — the tournament’s official water — run at $6 a pop. (Expected temperatures for the weekend in Tulsa are in the upper-80s.) Ahhhhh okay @PGAChampionship.