How much money does the US Open make in 2017?

How much money does the US Open make in 2017?

In total, the US Open generated an enormous $350 million in 2017, which is how the tournament can pay such hefty sums in prize money. Of course, the US Open doesn’t pocket all that money.

What is the prize money at the 2019 US Open?

OK, a lot of money. Earlier this month, the R&A announced it was increasing the overall prize money payout for this year’s Open by $1 million, raising the overall purse to $11.5 million.

How will the payouts for the 150th open be divided?

Let’s take a look at how the payouts for the 150th Open will be divided among those who competed this weekend at St. Andrews. Prize money decreased by $125 per qualifying place above 70 to a minimum of $30,950.

How does prize money work at the US Open?

As you might expect, the US Open distributes prize money in a tiered fashion where a player’s earnings increase the further they make it in the event, which is standard for nearly all tennis tournaments. As a point of reference, here’s a table of payouts for the men’s and women’s singles in 2021.