How much money do golf tournaments raise?

How much money do golf tournaments raise?

While the average golf event only raises $5000 with 72 players, the big events can raise up to $300,000. How do they do it? The Golf Tournament Association of America (GTAA) studied many of the largest events in the country and discovered common elements for success. With these strategies, you can make your next golf tournament a huge success.

How much money does the PGA Tour winner get?

The Tour Championship victor will take home a hefty check of $18 million. That’s the largest single check in any PGA Tour event throughout the year, obviously. The difference between first and second place is hefty: The second-place finisher takes home $6.5 million, making an $11.5 million difference between first- and second-place golfers.

How do professional golfers make money?

In an event like this, the pro golfer will be paid for showing up and then can also win money determined by how many holes (called skins) that he wins in the competition. This is where superstar golfers can make huge amounts of money. Golfers often endorse golf equipment (clubs, balls, shoes) and many other related items.

How much do golfer donations make a year?

If every golfer donates $50 / every foursome donates $200, you’re guaranteed to hit your goal of $3,600 to cover a year’s tuition for a student in need. Alternatively, if every golfer donates $25 / every foursome donates $100, you’ll hit your goal of $1,800, which feeds the shelter’s puppies for one full year.