How much is it to play golf in Sedona?

How much is it to play golf in Sedona? 

V.O.C.A. Owner & Guest of Member
18 Holes Open to 6:00pm $65
9 Holes Open to 6:00pm $40

Is Sedona a good place to golf? Sedona, with its spectacular red rock setting, is one of the most scenic places in Arizona to play a few rounds of golf. Four main courses are located near town, each with its own special look and feel.

Can you golf in Sedona year round? Sedona’s picturesque courses have year-round playability, with sunshine guaranteed virtually all year long. Golfers will enjoy the breathtaking scenery and out-of-this-world temperatures on these uniquely spectacular all-year-round golf courses.

Who designed Sedona Golf Resort? Sedona Golf Resort is a stellar Gary Panks design. The par-3 10th, with the red rocks beside the green, is one of the most photographed holes in the western U.S. The Oakcreek Country Club, designed by Robert Trent Jones Sr. and Jr., is Sedona’s first golf course.

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Who owns Sedona golf Resort?

Seven Canyons Golf Resort and Sedona Development Partners are owned by Scottsdale-based Cavan Real Estate Investments.

Who designed Seven Canyons golf?

About Seven Canyons

In 1956, Jack Snyder had a vision. He found a 200-acre parcel in the wilderness and visualized a master-planned real estate development centered around a golf course. Many years and many hurdles later, Seven Canyons was born in the heart of the red rocks, and Jack’s dream was finally realized.