How much does it cost to sell a GolfBoard?

How much does it cost to sell a GolfBoard?

We have two direct sales offerings — the standard GolfBoard and the GolfBoard Pro/ResortBoard. GolfBoard Pro/ResortBoard sells for $7.5K and generates a 44% margin of $3,365 The average rental billing is $375/month per board.

How much does the GolfBoard weigh?

All of that extra power on the GolfBoard is important because it weighs ~115 lbs on its own and is capable of moving up to 285 lbs (Golfer, Clubs, Water, Sand/Seed Bottle etc.) Amazingly, even with all of this weight the GolfBoard can scale 30 degree grades.

What is a GolfBoard?

A GolfBoard is best described as a cross between an electronic snowboard and a golf cart. It enables you to traverse the golf course by standing on the board, and you can easily access the golf clubs that are immediately in front of you. Check out the promo video below to see how versatile, fast and safe these mini golf buggies are:

How many golfboards does it take to order?

The Company has historically driven its revenue through the sale of personal and commercial use GolfBoards. Individuals usually order a single unit, and golf courses order a fleet of 4 to 8 boards.