How much does it cost to join Augusta National Golf Club?

How much does it cost to join Augusta National Golf Club?

The yellow logo of the Masters Tournament is a money-making machine. Members then need to pay something in the region of $5000 per year for membership dues. Again, this really isn’t that much when you consider the club that we are talking about here. Augusta National is golf’s Garden of Eden and this is a cheap entry fee for such a playground!

Is it possible to give up your membership of Augusta?

Obviously it is very rare for someone to give up their membership. Every time a member dies there must be a tense few weeks wait for people who consider them of the right ilk for Augusta. You almost certainly have no idea that you are being considered as a candidate.

What is it like to play at Augusta National?

With its impeccably maintained greens and fairways, quaint bridges and spectacular beds of azaleas, Augusta National is as iconic as the world-renowned tournament it hosts annually, The Masters. As one of the most exclusive golf courses in the world, it’s hardly surprising that playing a round at Augusta National isn’t easy.

How do you become an Augusta National member?

How can you become an Augusta National member? There’s no application process. If you ask, your chances of every being considered reportedly plummet. And if you do get through initial screening stages, you’ll be exhaustively vetted before it’s determined you are member material.