How many volts are in a golf cart battery?

How many volts are in a golf cart battery?

Here is an example of a popular golf cart. This picture is of a older style club car with a 36 volt battery system. Which is easily determined because you will count (6) six batteries. Each battery has a total of (3) three fill holes (also called cells) Each hole or cell will have a value of 2 volts.

How do I know what voltage my golf cart is?

It is important to know what voltage your golf cart is to understand its speed and power potential. To determine whether your golf cart is 36V or 48V, follow these steps: Lift up the seat to view the battery compartment. Count the number of holes on each battery. You may need to remove the battery cap to see the holes.

How to test a golf cart controller?

If you want to test the Golf Cart Controller, then connect the negative tip to the M terminal on the controller and the positive tip to the B+ terminal to check the controller’s power output. Check if the voltage rises as you press the accelerator. The voltage of the batteries should rise from 0 to 100.

Are 36 volt or 48 volt golf carts more expensive?

Replacement motors and controllers are typically more expensive. 48 Volt cart are more expensive to purchase. Whether you decide to go with a 36 Volt or a 48 Volt, the important thing is that you understand the difference so that you have realistic expectations of your new golf cart.