How many passengers does a golf cart fit?

How many passengers does a golf cart fit?

It can fit up to four passengers or two with two complete golf club sets in the trunk. It is another upper-class SUV driven by a chauffeur. Passengers can enjoy premium features like help with luggage, temperature control, and quiet mode. It also fits up to six passengers with golf bags.

How do you fit two golf clubs in a bag?

To fit one golf club set, put down a towel first in the boot space. Next, lay down the golf club bag and slide it to the rear. To fit two golf club sets, you will need to place your bags in the top-down position, resting one side of the load on the top boot space.

Which Ferrari has the best boot space for golf clubs?

Ferrari FF: With 450 liters of boot space, you can easily keep a set of golf clubs in the boot and even more if you fold the seats. Ferrari Portofino: With 292 liters of boot space, Ferrari Portofino can easily keep a bag of golf club sets without requiring you to fold the seats.

How many golf clubs can fit in an Audi 4?

Fold the seats, and you get a whopping 1430 liters of boot space, which is enough to fit 4-5 golf club sets. Without folding, you can place 2-3 golf club sets. The boot space in the Audi 4 is quite spacious. It can fit up to 7 carry-on suitcases without having to fold the rear seats.