How many customers does Topgolf have in Chicago?

How many customers does Topgolf have in Chicago?

14 * Sample of 29,325 unique customers taken from TopGolf Chicago TopGolf is Patented Technology

What is Topgolf?

In short, we’re a sports entertainment complex that features an inclusive, high-tech golf game that everyone can enjoy. Paired with an outstanding food and beverage menu, climate-controlled hitting bays and music, every Topgolf has an energetic hum that you can feel right when you walk through the door.

What is a bay at Topgolf?

Each bay is essentially a private driving range tee with a waitstaff. Six can play at a time, all ages. Honestly, it feels like going to a golf version of a bowling alley. What skill level does this require? From my serious anecdotal research at the Topgolf on the north side of Indianapolis, it takes all kinds.

How much does it cost to rent a Topgolf Bay?

For example, you might see a $60 per hour rate. That breaks down to about $10 per person per hour if you have six people in your topgolf bay with you. Keep in mind that the direct cost per person to play topgolf varies depending on the day of the week, how long you rent to pay for, and the time you begin to play.