How long does it take to warm up your golf game?

How long does it take to warm up your golf game?

The good news is that anyone can incorporate a dynamic warm-up into their game. All you need is a little space, a golf club and about three to five minutes. “Use these five exercises before every practice session and round of golf, and you’ll come back feeling more confident in your game,” Campbell says.

How important is a warm-up in golf?

According to Campbell, “a proper dynamic warm-up wakes up your nervous system and allows the brain to talk to the body and respond favorably to the demands being asked of it.” Think back to the rounds you’ve played without any warm-up.

What is the golf warm-up and stretching program?

The Golf Warm-Up and Stretching Program is based upon research that found golfers should perform specific exercises prior to playing and throughout the week, if possible, help minimize injuries and improve their game.