How long does it take to walk the Jack Nicklaus maze?

How long does it take to walk the Jack Nicklaus maze?

The maze, which features the now-famous image of Nicklaus with his arm raised in celebration, takes roughly a half-hour to walk uninterrupted and should take visitors roughly an hour to complete, according to organizers.

Who is Jack Nicklaus and why is he famous?

Nicklaus is an Ohio hero — a native of Columbus who completed a decorated amateur career as a student-athlete at Ohio State University and later returned to his home state to serve as a missionary for its place within the game of golf.

Where in the world is Jack Nicklaus’ corn maze?

That’s right, golf fans of all ages will be able to take in some Nicklaus-inspired fall fun in the corn maze made to his likeness not far from his home in Dublin, Ohio.

Who is the 2021 Jack Nicklaus maze?

Our 2021 maze design is paying tribute to Ohio Native and Golf Legend… Jack Nicklaus, aka The Golden Bear! Jack is well respected and loved worldwide & especially in Central Ohio with the creation of the internationally recognized Muirfield Village Golf Club and Memorial Tournament.