How important is club face accuracy in golf?

How important is club face accuracy in golf?

Aiming the club face accurately at the target is one of the most important things you can do as a golfer. There might not be anything more frustrating in golf than making a great swing only to look up and see the ball sailing in the wrong direction.

How to aim a golf club properly?

Once you stand over the ball, align your club face with that short target, take your stance, and get ready to hit a great shot. Rushing through the aiming process is almost certainly going to lead to bad results. While you don’t want to take so long that you hold up the groups behind you, it is important to take a moment to get aimed just right.

Do you aim your clubface when hitting the ball?

It is one of those crazy things about golf that many people just get set up to the ball, and they are just hitting without really any notion of where the clubface is aiming. If you think about it, golf is a target orientated sport and if you are not taking care to aim the clubface, you are not giving yourself the best chance of finding that target.

How do you aim a golf shot?

1 Pick a Target. The first part of the aiming process is simply picking a target for the shot at hand. … 2 Find an Intermediate Target. This next step is where the average golfer falls out of line with the aiming process used by most professional golfers. 3 Take Your Time to Aim. … 4 Club Head First, then Feet. …