How important are wedges in golf?

How important are wedges in golf?

Think about it, when you hit a good chip or approach shot with your wedges, you put yourself in a direct position to score well. The flip side of that is true so that if you hit a poor short approach or chip shot then you have to hit another one and hope it gets you closer to the hole.

How far back in the stance should you hit wedges?

For wedges, golf ball positions should be the furthest back, approaching between half and two-thirds of the way back in the stance. While an exact position is debatable and no sure-fire answer has been established for any club, generally, all golf instructors agree that wedges should be placed and hit further back in the stance than anything else.

How to hit a pitching wedge better?

Flicking at it with the hands is a common issue with pitching wedge shots. This little drill will help you compress the ball against the turf and get it zipping up the clubface, improving your strike and bringing added control. Lay a tee peg in the ground a few inches behind the ball, then aim to just miss it with your club.

How do you hit a golf wedge shot?

However, when you’re preparing to make a golf wedge shot, your best bet is to position the ball slightly back of center. Then, while your ball is in this behind-center position, move your hands slightly in front of the ball. That creates a backward shaft line, takes a little bit of loft off the club, and helps bring the trajectory down.