How far did DeChambeau carry on 6th at Bay Hill?

How far did DeChambeau carry on 6th at Bay Hill?

DeChambeau becomes the first player to go for the green on the 6th at Bay Hill since John Daly… and clears the water with a *350-yard* carry. PGA Tour’s new logo. Let’s go.

Can Bryson DeChambeau drive the Green at Bay Hill?

Bryson DeChambeau has been eyeing the challenge of driving the green of the par-5 No. 6 hole at Bay Hill for a while now. But the conditions needed to be just right for him to nail more than 300-yard shot across a lake in the middle of the hole.

What makes Bay Hill golf course special?

There’s something about Bay Hill that makes a golfer’s heart beat faster. Open only to Club members and registered guests staying at the Bay Hill Club & Lodge, the breathtaking course sweeps across 270 acres along the shores of the Butler Chain of Lakes.

Why choose Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill Club?

An experience you’ll never forget. Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill Club & Lodge has a place in history and a heritage our members share and call their own.