How do you stay focused during a round of golf?

How do you stay focused during a round of golf?

Being mentally fresh over every shot it key. No one can concentrate for 4-5 hours. This is why we need to relax the mind in between shots, so it’s ready to concentrate during the only time it needs to in a round of golf: THE SHOT ROUTINE. We need to separate the round into the “shot” and the “in between shot” time.

What is the Best Swing Thought for golf?

The best swing thought for golf is no swing thought. Once a Tour player is over the ball, they’re simply looking at the target, visualizing a shot shape and trusting themselves to hit it. The visualization and physical rehearsal tells them how to play the shot, not conscious thought. When there is little conscious thought,…

What part of the golf ball do you focus on?

This swing thought has you focusing on the front of the golf ball as you first address it, and throughout as you execute your swing. The front of the ball here refers to the half that is facing the target, or the half that is furthest away from your clubface.

What is the swing key in golf?

The swing key promotes intense focus on the ball by instructing golfers to not only be looking at the ball in a general sense but to pick a specific part on the ball – in this case the back half. By looking at the back half specifically, your body will be encouraged to hit at it while the club is rising, or in other words to hit up on it.