How do you hit a golf ball off the deck?

How do you hit a golf ball off the deck?

Off The Deck 1 Place the Ball Towards The Middle of Your Stance. … 2 Keep Your Shoulders Square. Once the ball is positioned towards the middle of your stance, move your shoulders in line with your clubhead. 3 Hit Down on the Ball. … 4 Shift Your Body Weight To Your Leading Leg. … 5 Make Contact With The Ball First. …

How do you hit fairway woods in golf?

To hit fairway woods, start by taking a wide stance with your shoulders squared and the ball slightly to the left of center. Then, when you swing, use a smooth, even motion, and keep the club low the ground as you go to hit the ball.

How do you hit a 3 wood in golf?

The 3 wood is known as one of the hardest shots in golf, but it can be a valuable part of your game. A good shot starts with a strong stance. Aim your shot well and swing your club at a steady tempo to drive the ball with distance and accuracy. At first, hitting with a 3 wood may seem difficult, but your swing will improve the more you practice.

How to hit a golf ball correctly?

Stand with the ball left of the center of your body. Stand behind the ball like you’re about to take a swing at it. Line the ball up with the center of your body. Step to the side so the ball aligns with the left edge of your chest. The ball will be slightly ahead of you. [1] Use the ball’s size to position it.