How do you fix a divot on the fairway?

How do you fix a divot on the fairway?

It’s proper golf etiquette to fix your divot if you send a patch of grass and dirt flying down the fairway. And it’s vital tend to the indentations made in the ground when your golf ball strikes the green on your approach from the fairway or bunker. And now most come with a handy ball marker.

What are the best divot tools?

One of the coolest looking divot tools we have seen, this model from Extreme Hawk is made from a strong zinc alloy which is also rust resistant. Available in three colours it has multiple uses including the divot tool, magnetic ball marker, bristle brush, groove cleaner and golf club support.

What’s included in the personalised golf divot tool & marker?

Personalised golf divot tool, pitch mark repairer and magnetic ball marker – Laser engraved customisation, name, initials, logo. Personalized Golf Divot Tool & Marker.

What are golf divot repair tools and do you need them?

If you’ve ever golfed, you made divots on the course’s grass. And when you do, you should do what you can to fix them. Golf divot repair tools are an important piece of equipment to carry in your bag. They’re usually inexpensive devices and necessary golf accessories.