How do I set up a golf pool?

How do I set up a golf pool?

These steps show you how to setup your golf pool once you are in the Create New Pool wizard: A: I am using one of OfficePools templates (for Custom Template, skip down to section B) 1. Enter in your Pool Name, Entry Cutoff, Choose Template 2. Click on the "Advanced" pulldown to expand the selection for the Show Name option and Promo Code entry.

How to create a PGA pool on PGA website?

Create Your Pool With a simple click of a button you can start creating your PGA Pool. 2. Pick Your Format Next, select the format you want for your pool. Use a pool template or custom pool settings. 3. Invite Your Friends Invite your friends with a text or email.

How many golfers are in a pool at the Masters?

The Masters field typically includes 144 golfers. Let players build their rosters by taking turns randomly pulling names of golfers from a hat. If your pool has 24 players, that gives each person six golfers to root on through the weekend.

Should you enter a Masters pool this week?

If you’re a golf fan, you’re watching the Masters this week. If you’re looking to ratchet up your interest level, you might consider entering a Masters pool. Of course, not every pool is the same, but they typically fall into one of three buckets. With that in mind, we have a few general tips to help you win your pool.