How do I get to 300 yards in golf swing speed?

How do I get to 300 yards in golf swing speed?

In order to get to 300 yards, you will need a swing speed just north of 110 miles per hour. I am currently at 105 miles per hour, so I have to find a way to get an extra 5-7 miles per hour. One way is through training. This is where living in this decade can help us all.

How far should you hit the golf ball?

Normally, if you keep the ball in play and hit it further than 300 yards, you will be in with a great chance of making a birdie or better on the hole that you’re playing. Most recreational golfers aspire to drive the ball between 220 and 250 yards, which is also impressive.

What do you need to hit a 300 yard drive?

You’re going to need three things to happen for you to hit a 300 yard drive: A well-fit driver that produces optimal ball flight. In essence, you’re going to need to be fast and efficient. Click here to read other articles written by Steve Pratt.

Can you hit a 300 yard golf ball with a driver?

Golf balls can be hit over 300 yards with a driver, but to do so you must be able to generate a higher clubhead speed than you currently are. To hit a 300-yard drive you should look for a swing speed over 120 – 130 MPH with the PGA Tour average being around 113 miles per hour.