How do I get better at teeing up a golf ball?

How do I get better at teeing up a golf ball?

If you do happen to nick an outer tee, take a step back and work smaller and slower again. Once you can make a series of full practice swings that pass cleanly through the laneway, progress to full swings with a golf ball. Tee balls up on the middle tee and hit several shots at full speed.

How to hit a golf ball from the ground?

Get yourself into a nice powerful position and hit the golf ball from that position. You need to feel like everything is in line and in balance from this position. Try to hold your balance. Done correctly, you will start to the hit the ball and then the ground.

How do you do a step drill in golf?

Many coaches teach a step drill to promote earlier leg motion and body motion on the transition, but Doniger adds a twist to that drill. Set up to the golf ball the same way you would for a normal step drill (with your feet together) but put your lead leg back about a foot.

How can I get better at ball-striking?

That’s the theme of this week’s Home Practice — getting yourself in proper position to produce a more solid strike. GOLF Top 100 Teacher Debbie Doniger has three drills that will help you produce more consistent and solid ball-striking. If you want to produce a consistent ball flight, you’ll need to get your swing path on the proper line.