How can I increase my power on the backswing?

How can I increase my power on the backswing?

Brace your right knee. Many right-handed golfers lose power when they sway to the outside of their right foot. You can avoid this by applying pressure with the inside of the right leg to the ground on the backswing. This resistance is released on the downswing, which adds power to your golf game.

How can I improve my power in my golf swing?

Repeat with the opposite arm and leg. Bird Dog: This exercise requires you to focus on trunk control and coordination, both essential to generating power in your golf swing. Starting on all fours, extend one leg and your opposite arm out in front of you. Return to the starting position and repeat on the opposite side.

How can I power up my swing in time for spring?

That’s why Cody Hoyt, owner and head trainer at 7 Fitness, has designed a workout program that will power up your swing in time for spring. You can do this circuit three to four times a week on it’s own or in conjunction with the full-body strength routine from Week 1. Before we get started, you will need a band for this week’s workout.

What are the benefits of power in golf?

Power also has a psychological benefit in golf. If you consistently hit the ball past your opponent, he may begin to swing harder in an effort to keep up – and therefore lose accuracy on his shots. Use practice drills to increase clubhead speed. The instruction book "Private Lessons" suggests swinging a golf club shaft without a clubhead attached.