Does the TaylorMade Spider putter have high moi?

Does the TaylorMade Spider putter have high moi?

Anyway, they are touted to have high MOI. Anyone know anything about this putter or high MOI putter? In theory, makes sense. I first started thinking about this when I saw all the Taylormade Spider putters because I note that these putters appear to have weight both behind the face (by quite a bit) and also left and right of the target line.

Why choose a high moi putter?

Cure Putters’ High MOI design significantly reduces face angle variation at impact and improves accuracy – making them the best putters for high handicappers to Tour Professionals.

What does Moi mean on a putter?

A putter with a high MOI will have more stability at impact and transfer more of the speed coming from the putter head to the golf ball. When this speed is transferred, the ball will have a better roll, and there will be less skid or slide coming off the putter face.

How much does putter weight affect Moi?

Chart 1 shows that a 20-gram difference in weight of a putter with identical dimensional characteristics, like our Xtreme High Moment 01 model, increases the MOI by approximately 5.6%. Chart 2 shows that if the head gets both heavier and bigger in size, the difference can be even more dramatic.