Does PGA own the PGA Championship?

Does PGA own the PGA Championship?

While the PGA TOUR runs dozens of golf tournaments, it does not “own” or run the PGA Championship. The PGA Championship is the property of the PGA of America, and the field includes the best of that organization’s club professionals. The Ryder Cup is the joint property of the PGA…

Is the PGA Championship an open or an invitational?

Those golfers are given 20 spots in the PGA Championship field, the rest of which is filled as an invitational.) As for the five major championships in women’s pro golf: The U.S. and British opens are, obviously, opens. The ANA Inspiration, Women’s PGA Championship and Evian Championship are invitationals.

Does the PGA of America still run professional golf events?

And the PGA of America does still run several events played by the golfers of the PGA Tour: The PGA of America, not the PGA Tour, runs the PGA Championship. The PGA of America also runs the Ryder Cup and the Women’s PGA Championship, two other major events in professional tournament golf.

What is the difference between the PGA and PGA Tour?

A shorthand way of keeping the two organizations straight: The PGA of America is an organization for club professionals, the PGA Tour is for tour pros and tournament golf. What makes it easy for non-golfers to confuse or conflate the two organizations is, of course, the fact that both have "PGA" in their names.