Does FedEx take care of your golf clubs?

Does FedEx take care of your golf clubs?

No matter how much you pay and what your item is, FedEx is obliged by law to take proper care of your golf clubs. That said, now that social distancing guidelines are beginning to ease, it’s imperative you sanitize properly and take the essential preventive measures.

What are the biggest misconceptions about shipping golf clubs?

One of the biggest misconceptions about shipping golf clubs FedEx is that they must be packed in a box or other kind of hard-sided container. Not true (although I’m sure FedEx would love to sell you their golf club shipping boxes).

Is FedEx or ups better for golf clubs?

FedEx and UPS were generally more expensive and, honestly, their websites were far harder to navigate.” When you FedEx golf clubs, you won’t get all of the features and benefits included with Luggage Forward’s golf club shipping service. Luggage Forward has simplified the booking process to take less than three minutes.

How long does it take to ship golf clubs with FedEx?

If you’re shipping golf clubs with FedEx inside the US, the FedEx Domestic Ground Service will cost you less than $100 for each trip and can take up to four days. The FedEx International Economy services on the other hand can take 5 days since you’re shipping them to a different country.