Do you tip at golf courses?

Do you tip at golf courses?

As a general rule, tipping at golf courses is pretty much like tipping at restaurants. If you’ve received a genuine service, toss them some green. If the employee has exceeded expectations, toss them a little more. With some private clubs, however, tipping is not permitted.

Why do golf shafts have tipped tips?

The tipped shaft cuts away this stiffness and results in a softer tip than the original design. One golf instructor looked at this illustration and commented that on this shaft tipping would move the soft section closer to the tip creating higher launch and spin.

Is the 1″ tip on a golf swing shaft accurate?

None of our testers saw the 1″ tipped shaft stand alone for accuracy, though two were equally (or near equally) accurate with the 1″ tip and the untipped shaft. Two of our testers – one of our slower swingers and one of our faster swings – were significantly less accurate with the 1″ tipped shaft than either of the other two shafts.

What does tip trimming mean on a golf club?

“Tipping” or “tip trimming,” as it’s sometimes called, means trimming a club shaft from the clubhead end, not from the grip end where it’s most often cut. What’s the difference between True Temper Dynamic Gold and Dynamic Gold Tour Issue shafts?