Do you need a good grip to swing a golf club?

Do you need a good grip to swing a golf club?

Without a good grip, nothing that you try to do with your wrists is going to matter in the swing. Your hands need to be in a good position around the handle of the club so your wrists will be free to do their work once the swing begins. Even if you think your grip is already in good shape, let’s touch on three basic fundamentals for you to review.

Where should my wrist angles be set in my swing?

This will give you time to set the club and feel like everything is organized when you get to the transition and move into the downswing. If you get through your backswing nicely, your wrist angles should be set at the top of your swing to where you have roughly a 90* angle between your lead arm and the shaft of the club.

How do I teach my wrists to swing a golf club?

A classic drill to teach this involves swinging the club from waist-high to waist-high, letting the weight of the club cock the wrists on the backswing and uncock the wrists on the follow through. Think of your wrists as a door hinge—they can move back and forth, but do not move by themselves.

How does your wrist angle affect your golf game?

Consistent golf requires consistent contact of the clubface to the ball. The clubface angle determines 80% of the ball flight direction, according to launch monitor data. Your wrists directly control the clubface angle. Learning to measure and optimize wrist angles and wrist motion is a shortcut to better golf.