Do Project X IO shafts have slice or hooks?

Do Project X IO shafts have slice or hooks?

Unless I made an intentionally extreme (or unintentionally poor) swing, there were no slices or hooks. The Project X IO shafts are available in 5.5, 6.0, and 6.5 flex, which translates roughly to regular, stiff, and X-flex. As you move up in flex, the shafts get 5 grams heavier, starting at 105 grams in the 5.5.

What is the average swing speed for flex shafts?

The swing speeds of our testing pool ranged from just under 100 to upwards of 115. All testers hit stiff flex shafts within the 65g range. Shafts were outfitted with Club Conex UNI-FIT adapters, Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 Grips, and all shots were hit with the same 10.5° head.

What is the average swing speed for AP2 Project X?

Average speed over 10 swings. AP2 Project X 5.5 – Average 91 mph……….? The averages for all were very close, with limited deviation. I’ve heard of many people who’s played 6.0 as a conversion to an S300, but I know that many consider project X to play a little firmer to flex and sometimes a little on the stiffer side.

What are Project X shafts?

Project X graphite wood and hybrid shafts are designed and manufactured using ultra-premium materials to provide your game with tour-level performance. The backbone of the Project X wood line, HZRDUS shafts are designed with the aggressive swinger in mind and are one of the most played wood shaft models on Tour.