Did Obama golf twice on Memorial Day weekend?

Did Obama golf twice on Memorial Day weekend?

Washington (CNN) Criticized for golfing twice on a Memorial Day weekend during which the US coronavirus death toll approached 100,000, President Donald Trump responded Sunday and Monday by drawing attention, again, to former President Barack Obama’s golfing.

How much golf has Obama played in his presidency?

Obama Played 333 Rounds of Golf in 8 Years. Here’s How Much Golf Trump Has Played in 311 Days. At this point, we should be looking at how much time President Kaftan von SoftFlesh has spent in office instead of looking at how many days his dumb ass spends golfing.

How many times has Donald Trump played golf during his presidency?

The very fit Baral Obama played 333 rounds of golf during his 8 years as President, or 3% of his time. It’s good outdoor exercise. (Eisenhower played 800 rounds during his 8 years.) Up to December 20, 2020, Donal Trump played golf at least 308 times during his almost 4 years in office—at his private clubs.

How much do Obama’s golf outings cost taxpayers?

Obama’s golf outings cost you $20,000 per hole. Just two of Barack Obama’s golf outings last spring cost taxpayers more than $1.8 million, according to government expense documents released by the watchdog agency Judicial Watch. While additional political fundraising junkets in the same period boosted costs to taxpayers above $4.4 million.