Can you swing with a torn ACL in the backswing?

Can you swing with a torn ACL in the backswing?

A torn ACL in your trail leg, and the instability it can cause, may result in you being unable to load effectively in your trail side during the backswing, or push off during the downswing. Both can also see a loss of power and consistency in the swing. Tiger Woods had surgery in 2008 to repair a torn ACL. Should I play golf with a torn ACL?

Can I play golf after meniscus surgery?

If you have had meniscus surgery, consider the intensity of your play, your body mechanics and the benefit of targeted exercises prior to returning to the game to decrease your risk of any issues. Be sure you are fully recovered from your injury and get the OK from your physician before you return to golf. Other tips:

Can you play golf with an ACL tear?

You can play golf without an ACL, but you risk doing more damage to the surface cartilage, or meniscuses, found within the joint. As someone who has experienced life with and without an ACL, I would – from own my personal experiences – highly advise against playing golf if you’ve torn your ACL and haven’t undergone surgery to reconstruct it.

What happens if you don’t have an ACL?

The lack of an ACL will make your knee far more unstable and susceptible to further injury due to the severe rotational forces the golf swing places through your knees (especially your lead knee) Further damage to the knee can make your eventual reconstructive surgery more complicated, and possibly affect your recovery post-operation