Can I put my golf jacket in my pocket with balls?

Can I put my golf jacket in my pocket with balls?

You’re not going to put your golf jacket in the same pocket as your golf balls, this wouldn’t make sense. This would get in the way of you taking any golf balls out, especially if your jacket was bulky.

What are the best golf items to have in your bag?

Golf Balls – This is an obvious item but you would be surprised by the number of people forget to buy golf balls before a round of golf. Tee’s – Same thing for tee’s, it’s one of those things that you need to keep stocked up in your bag.

How should you store your golf accessories?

Now it’s pretty obvious that how you store/arrange your golf accessories depends on the number of pockets available in your bag. So if it’s a cart bag, hence pocket-heavy, then storage space and properly dividing accessories (gloves, markers, tees, pitchforks, etc.) are no concerns AT ALL.

How to pack a golf bag for a round?

Most bags have side pockets, which can be helpful for carrying the odd bits and pieces during your round of golf. Think about using the top and front most-accessible side pockets to store your most used items, such as tees and spare balls, when you pack your golf bag.