Are Yonex XPG Irons good?

Are Yonex XPG Irons good?

The Yonex XPG Irons are one of the most stylish and popular Yonex clubs, and as a mid-sized iron, appeal to a wide variety of players. The XPG irons were made for the game-improvement market, with an emphasis on forgiveness and consistency.

Is Yonex still in the golf industry?

European 2010 Ryder Cup captain Colin Montgomery and fellow touring professional Ryo Ishikawa also played Yonex equipment. While Yonex’s main area is tennis and badminton, the company still has a presence in the golf world, especially on the European, Asian and Australian Tours.

What happened between Tai Tzu-ying and Yonex?

During the 2016 Summer Olympics, Yonex provided unfit shoes to non-contract badminton player Tai Tzu-ying. This forced Tai to wear other shoes made by her personal sponsor brand, Victor, without any logo. This event caused a controversy due to Chinese Taipei Badminton Association is going to punish Tai based on Yonex’s pressing.

When did Yonex introduce the long drive?

Ever since it set the standard of 412 yards in 1989, long driving has been a tradition with the club maker. In 1991, Yonex first introduced its Long Drive Team, an elite roster of golfers competing for and winning long drive competitions around the country and around the world.