Are Nike Janoski G Tour golf shoes any good?

Are Nike Janoski G Tour golf shoes any good?

The Nike Janoski G Tour golf shoe is all about fashion, and for this it exceeded our expectations. It’s pretty much a skate shoe on the outside, but a golf shoe on the inside. Because of its nature, the Janoski G Tour doesn’t offer much support in the uppers, as its low-cut collar kind of takes away that support.

What are Tony Finau’s golf shoes?

Nike Janoski G men’s golf shoes pair the minimalist approach of a classic skate shoe with the performance factors Tony Finau (and you) need to go low out on the course. A built-in foam sockliner provides added support and comfort for those who love to walk, while waterproof suede and leather keep you dry, no matter the conditions.

Are Tony Finau’s Janoski shoes worth $20?

Join INSIDEGOLF and get $100 of value for $20! Tony Finau’s Nike Janoski shoes are half skate shoe, half golf shoe and fully certain to leave you with the most fashionable kicks in your foursome. Welcome to Spotted on Tour, where we’ll highlight buzzy apparel, gear, gadgets and more that caught our eye over the weekend.