Are fast greens good or bad for golf?

Are fast greens good or bad for golf?

Fast greens suit a minority of top level golfers who have the skill to leave their ball under the hole. To the majority of week-end golfers they are more of a kill joy and source of frustration.

What is green speed and why is it important?

Green speed as a measurement of enjoyment of the game is linked to the expertise of the golfers playing the course. Greens are the most costly component in maintenance on a cost per square foot basis. If they are over-stressed by removing too much leaf they become prone to disease unless they are intensely maintained.

How can I Make my Greens easier to hit?

Lighten your grip: Anxiety causes golfers to grip the club too tightly, a big no-no on quick greens. Relax your grip pressure to no more than 3 on a scale of 1 – 10. This will smooth out your stroke, slow your tempo and produce a softer hit. Grip down on the putter: The faster the greens, the more control you need over the putter.

Are slower Greens better for putting?

There is a notion that only greens that are quick are good, and therefore, by definition, all slower greens are bad. However, only an uninformed person would use green speed as the sole criterion to judge putting quality. Ideal greens to putt on are those that are smooth and roll consistently, irrespective of their speed.