Will there be a taste of the Masters 2022 package?

Will there be a taste of the Masters 2022 package?

Taste of the Masters – 2022? Last year – the Masters and Fanatics put together a "Taste of the Masters" package where you could order a bundle of pimento cheese, egg salad, bbq, and Masters cups Does anyone know if this will be offered this year again?

Would you spend $15 to eat at Augusta National in 2022?

I defy you to spend $15 and not eat three meals there, even with inflation in 2022. The food prices are low for good reason. Augusta National wants to make the patrons feel like welcomed club guests.

How do I order the taste of the Masters package?

The "Taste of the Masters" package is back and available for online ordering. The package was first offered in November and fans don’t need tickets to the 2021 Masters to partake. Fans can have the package shipped to their doors by placing their orders at fanatics.com .

What is the best food to order at the Masters?

The best Masters food choices to order? Egg salad and pimento cheese sandwiches are the classics, and the chicken sandwich is the proper breakfast selection. There are a few changes in prices from 2021, with several sandwiches going up to $3.