Why use build-up tape for Golf Grips?

Why use build-up tape for Golf Grips?

Build-up tape allows for more precise fitting between sizes. When you grip the club, your fingertips should gently be touching the base of your thumb. If they dig in to your hand too much, your grip is too small; if your fingers don’t touch your hands, your grips may be too large.

How to install golf club grips?

How to Install Golf Club Grips 1 Tighten the golf club in the vise using a shaft-vise clamp. Align the club so that the score lines on the club face are vertical. 2 Measure the amount of double-sided tape you will need to cover the area of the grip, plus an additional 1 inch. 3 Peel the protective side of the tape off. … More items…

Can you replace your own Golf Grips?

Learning how to replace your own grips will save you money and allow you to keep your clubs in top condition. Regripping your clubs on a regular basis will also insure that your clubs will not slip out of your hand. Grips may need to be replaced as often as every six months for avid golfers. Remove your old grips before installing new ones.

How to regrip a golf club?

If you are regripping more than one club, use the excess solvent on the other clubs. 4. Slide grip into place While the grip tape is still wet, roughly align the grip and pull it down over the butt end of the shaft. Make sure the end of the shaft nestles into the very end of the grip. Fine-tune the alignment so the clubface and grip are square.