Why don't they make cast golf clubs anymore?

Why don’t they make cast golf clubs anymore?

The early cast manufacturers were pretty much limited to PING (already investment casting aerospace parts when they entered golf) and those who made cheap clubs or lacked the manufacturing process capabilities to make serious forged golf clubs. (Note my sarcasm here).

What is the process of forging golf clubs?

And in the process of forging a golf club, the grain structure ­— the internal structure of the metal — is further condensed. … [Forging is] really the most time-consuming and expensive way to manufacture golf clubs … with cast, you’re taking something liquid, pouring it into a mold, and then it’s cooling in that mold.” 2.

What is the difference between cast and cavity back golf irons?

Although they are cast golf irons, most people call them cavity back designs. The only real difference in these irons is that they are made two different ways; however, the process that they go through when they are produced does cause some differences in the performance of the iron itself.

What is the difference between forged and cast iron golf clubs?

The cast or cavity back iron is a newer design than the forged irons. In years past, when blacksmiths were the ones that were designing and producing golf clubs, the cast iron clubs did not exist. Since the discovery of the cast golf clubs, the clubs themselves have become quite a bit more forgiving.