Why don't left-handed tennis players get hand-me-down clubs?

Why don’t left-handed tennis players get hand-me-down clubs?

A lot of left-handed players don’t really get hand-me-down clubs from their parents and grandparents because they may be right-handed.

How many left-handed golfers are there?

In the golfing world, industry experts say, left-handed golfers make up about 5 to 7 percent of the North American market. Golf pros estimate that number being an average of 1 out of every 30 players are left handed.

Are left-handed golf clubs more expensive?

Almost always left-handed golf clubs cost the same as their right-handed counterparts. However, as there are fewer left-handed players there is less demand for left-handed golf clubs. As a result, you may find that they are out of stock more often than for right-handed clubs. How Many Pro Golfers Are Left-Handed?

Is it better to be a right handed golfer or left handed?

In conclusion there is not an advantage to be a right handed golfer versus a left handed golfer as you can be great using either hand. The courses and the clubs will not make a difference in your game. It is up to the golfer to perform under pressure and play the best game they can play.