Why do people play golf?

Why do people play golf?

Golf is a sport that is generally easier to learn and a good sport to try to eliminate boredom and include some exercise in your routine. Above you read two main reasons many people start playing golf. In summary, golf courses are easily accessible to many and it benefits your mental and physical health.

What is the difference between a professional golfer and professional golfers?

On the other hand, professional golfers are the ones who make their living through golf, either by playing the game or by teaching it. A majority of professional golfers earn their livelihood by running golf clubs, by coaching others and by dealing in golf equipment.

How many people play golf in the US?

Here is some additional demographic information about these 25 million people who played golf on a course in 2020: Around 77 percent are male, leaving female golfers to make up only a little more than 22 percent A little over 3 million of these people are junior golfers

Are younger players taking over the golfing world?

Younger players are slowly starting to grow within the sport, but they have yet to overtake the older demographic on the course. However, they make up a huge percentage of golf participation in off-course facilities such as, indoor golf simulators, driving ranges, and golf entertainment areas.