Why do golfers ground clubs in penalty areas?

Why do golfers ground clubs in penalty areas?

With the expansion of penalty areas and the desire to speed up play, that means golfers will be in penalty areas where it just makes sense to be able to ground a club.

Can you play a provisional ball in the penalty area?

If you need relief, you can play under the penalty area relief options discussed above. You also are not allowed to play a provisional ball when you think your ball will be lost in a penalty area. How do I take relief from a yellow or red penalty area?

Can you hit a ball inside the penalty area in golf?

But now, under the updated Rules of Golf, you can do both. Basically, you are now entitled to treat a ball inside a penalty area the same as you would a ball outside the penalty area.

Can You ground your club in a hazard in 2019?

But under the new golf rules debuting in 2019, those days are no more. A golfer will be able to ground their club in any hazard. There’s one caveat to the new golf rules allowing a golfer to ground their club in a hazard. It’s not called a hazard anymore. It’s not called a water hazard. It’s now called a penalty area.