Why do all my golf drives go to the left?

Why do all my golf drives go to the left?

Golf balls lying above your feet, on a sidehill, have a tendency to shoot left of the target. The reason they do is because the sidehill will promote a flatter swing that will leads to a more aggressive release of the hands. This will naturally close the clubface and send the ball to the left of the target. FIX: Aim right of the target.

Why do I hit the golf ball off the toe?

How to Stop Hitting the Golf Ball on the Toe of the ClubfaceThe Good News. Golf instructor Chuck Quinton points out that toe contact may be a sign you’re doing some things right with your swing.Get A Little Closer. You may hit the ball off the toe because you have a steep downswing path that causes the clubhead to cut across the ball.Two Tees, No More Toes. …Take Out the Tension. …

Why does your golf ball fade to the right?

Why Does My Golf Ball Fade To The Right? As it stands, fade occurs when the club face is open to the swing path at impact, meaning it looks to the right of the swing path immediately as a shot flies into it. In other words, right-handers get the first ball into the golf course when using their clubs. The clubface will fade when the driver moves …

Why do golf balls have depressions on it?

The dimples cause turbulence in the air around the ball, creating lift and reducing drag, so a dimpled golf ball travels farther and straighter than a golf ball with a smooth surface would. The dimples give the golfer more control over the flight of the ball.